Getting To Know Me

My psychology journey was inspired by my environment growing up. I was witness to two seemingly different realities when it came to mental health. In one environment, quality mental health services were easily accessible, while the other scarcely had a knowledge of mental health.

The awareness of this led me to register for my undergraduate BA degree majoring in Psychology and Communication. I then completed my Honours degree in Psychology following my undergraduate studies. I spent the following years working with children and adolescents in special care needs and developmental environments. During this period, I obtained my Board Certified Autism Technician qualification and worked predominantly with children experiencing neuro-development delays. Being a part of their journey towards recovery was most fulfilling.

Following this experience, I felt ready to re-engage with my plan to help make psychological services easily accessible to communities in need. This led me to apply towards the masters program that allowed me to qualify as a Counselling Psychologist. My academic qualifications were obtained at the University of Johannesburg.

My practical experience as a student and intern Psychologist was obtained at a variety of institutions namely, Psycad, Headway, Helen Joseph Hospital and Ububele. Through my experience, I have had the pleasure of working with diverse groups of individuals from multicultural backgrounds.